Festy Brand Manifesto

This brand manifesto was used to capture the redefined essence of a medium-sized music festival. 

Brand promise: Festy is a festival that you and the planet can feel good about.

Festy_Arch_Deck 2.004.jpeg

"Richmond Thrives"

The following brand manifesto was written for Richmond African American Tourism.

Strategy: Reveal the thriving nature of today's Black Richmond, and open the doors for an even more prosperous future.

Campaign: Richmond Thrives


Health Warrior

The following brand story was written for a health food company specializing in chia seed products.

Repositioning: Health Warrior is not just the brand for the athletic marathon runner. Health Warrior is for anyone who needs fuel for perseverance in the marathon of life.


"The Stone Man"

For my Creative Thinking class, I was tasked with writing a fairytale. The following tale was inspired by my great uncles who made a living in the coal mines of southwestern Pennsylvania.


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