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The Challenge

Create a Tesla-branded coffee maker. Consider both functionality and aesthetic of the brand and their role when designing the coffee maker.  



Coffee Market


Who is Tesla?

What's Popular?

Mission Statement: Accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

Values: Sustainability, Innovation, Safety

"The overall cool factor attracts people to Tesla. Other Car companies' mission statements are about money and profits, but with us, you can tell that everyone is passionate about Tesla's mission to change the world."
-Personal Interview: Cody, Tesla Showroom Manager

Product Offerings

Our Focus



Tesla purchasers tend to make more than $100K a year, are male, and between the ages of 45-65.

We identified most people who buy Teslas are either switching from a high performance sports car (BMW/Audi) or an environmentally friendly sedan (Prius)


Our Design:Tesla Model C




  • Solar panel for aided/auxilary power supply
  • Seven color options based on Tesla's  color pallet
  • Large touchscreen comparable to car control panel
  • Sensor-based technology (carafe access & gull door access to hopper and reservoir)
  • Bean hopper for freshly ground coffee
  • Holding reservoir for easy refilling
  • Synced with Tesla App for ease of use and programable brewing capabilities
  • Smart software for annual updates


Price: The Tesla Model C is priced at $415. This is taken into account the calculation of the solar panel and touchscreen. The price point was meant to straddle the line of being expensive enough to appeal to the exclusivity of Tesla while at the same time being affordable enough to serve as a stepping stone for those who are interested in Tesla but may not want to make the committment of buying a car in order to experience the brand.


Future Extensions: 

Smart homes would incorporate Tesla's highly communicable software into our homes and pair it with the power generated from Tesla's solar products.

Accelerating the lifestyle of the future...

We saw Tesla going further than creating a coffee maker when assigned with this project. Tesla has been on the cutting edge of solar technology, specifically solar batteries. The Powerwall by Tesla stores energy collected by solar panels to optimize the power that is being collected during peak solar radiation hours. This energy can be used at later times, when the sun isn't shining.

We saw an opportunity for Tesla to extend their brand beyond small appliances, and into the realm of large appliances that account for a big proportion of energy use in a house. This aligns with their brand mission and would make huge strides in the direction of reducing the world's carbon footprint. 


Team: Colin McCool, Mark Thompson, Hieu Nguyen, Jennifer Root, Emily Hudson