Increase Spotify usage in the U.S. heartland.


People believe the heartland is stuck in the past, but it is more about having reverence for a time passed.

From our research three key themes surrounding this insight were discovered: if it ain't broke don't fix it, hometown is where the heart is, and music gets handed down. 


Spotify lets you build on what's come before you.


If it ain't broke don't fix it

Leverage the benefits of Spotify


Integrate Pandora stations into Spotify: One of the biggest competitors to Spotify in the Heartland was Pandora- and Pandora users can be very particular about their radio stations. We created a way for people to integrate their stations on Pandora to Spotify radio while also beginning the process of Spotify identifying the new users' music taste. 


Advertise the benefits of Spotify:  In order to break through to the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality our messaging needed to reason for why Spotify is the better and easier way of listening to music. Each advertising piece offers a benefit of using Spotify: the size of its music library, the variety of genres, the family plan, and the collection of both old and new music. Advertising was made for out-of-home and digital. 


Hometown is where the heart is

Make Spotify more familiar


Create weekly playlists of local radio/influencer stations: Traditional radio plays an important role in the Heartland community. Many people commute long distances and listen to their hometown radio host on a daily basis. Spotify Radio Vibes allows radio hosts and local influencers to have their own weekly playlist with short, skippable, voice-intros offering memories and thoughts on the songs they choose.


Music gets handed down

Make Spotify more giftable


Give the gift of Spotify Premium along with a personalized playlist:  Beckoning back to the days of gift-able mix CD's, we made an option for people to make personalized playlist along with a limited-time, premium membership that can come as a digital or physical gift. Not only does this appeal to an older audience who may have memories of doing this with their friends, it helps add and keep new users by giving them a reason to use Spotify and also gives them something to listen to once they are using Spotify.



Bringing the strategy full circle, the activation idea allows Spotify to recognize and thank artists who have both influenced and been influenced by the music community. 


Say thank you to influential artists, both young and old, with a curated record of songs that have influenced them from the past and songs of those they are influencing in the present. (For Willie that could be a mix of artists ranging from Bob Wills to The Avett Brothers)

Not only is the record a piece worth sharing on social media, it is also available to listen to and share on Spotify.

Team: Colin McCool, Alyson Gaiser, Evan Chiplock, Ted Gregson, Ashley Glover, Jenn Chau