Here you will find a collection of other things that I've done for school and also not for school.



I love writing. It's something that I started to get into when I began college. Most of my writings are personal reflections on life, but after starting my journey into the world of branding, I have found new areas to explore with my writing, mostly in the form of brand stories and brand manifestos, and one fairytale.

The Festy Experience

Brand Promise: Festy is festival that you and the planet can feel good about.

Richmond African american Tourism

Strategy: Reveal the thriving nature of today's Black Richmond, and open the doors for an even more prosperous future.

Campaign: Richmond Thrives


Assignment: Write a fairytale.

Approach: Fairytales often have a theme of overcoming a life you have been born into.  My fairytale is influenced by my extended family who are from Southwest Pennsylvania.  

Fairy tale.jpg


Health Warrior

Repositioning: Health Warrior is not just the brand for the athletic marathon runner. Health Warrior is for anyone who needs fuel for perserverance in the marathon of life.

Cody Cosmetics: Lumen fragrance

Background: Create a fragrance for transgender individuals.

Direction: The Lumen fragrance transcends the physical. It is an outward expression of inner light.




Art was the subject that first taught me about the creative process. It requires truthful observation, planning, and a journey. I've learned over the years that no piece comes out the way you expect it to when you start. Something is always going to happen that you didn't plan. How you deal with it, is the beauty of the process and the result you end with.

"Tobacco Barn" 

oil on wood panel

Abstract Series:

1: acrylic on canvas 2: acrylic on wood panel

Still Life Series:

Pipe & Fly Rod oil on stretched canvas

"Slow food"

wood block carving