The Challenge

Take a beloved brand that doesn't exist in a physical location, and extend the brand into a new category where it can exist in a brick and motor location, all while elevating the brand's perception.   

Our Direction

When it comes to creating exceptional entertainment content, HBO may be regarded as the best in the industry. Not only have they been at it the longest, they were the ones to revolutionize television series into what they are today. HBO is known for writing content that is raw, dramatic, and calculated.

Our Strategy

Attach the elements of HBO’s broadcasted content to the tangible experiences at HBO Social

HBO Social

HBO Social provides a new multidimensional, tangible way to experience HBO. It lives up to the same expectations that viewers have when journeying into a new story: a standard of excellence and a desire for more.


From our research we found a large segment of the population has access to HBO without paying for the service. This mostly comes from a younger population using parents' accounts or sharing accounts among friends. Additionally, we found that by not releasing whole seasons at once HBO creates a culture of conversation and speculation surrounding its shows, making HBO a big contributor to recap culture.

HBO Social provides a place for HBO to capitalize on both of these things.


What is it?

Look & Feel

HBO mood board v1.jpg

Restaurant & Bar

Downstairs HBO Social has a restaurant & bar that focuses on shareable, small plates that have subtle nods to HBO's most notable shows. The restaurant has plenty of screens to view HBO material in a lively setting. Revenue comes from food and drink sales in addition to merchandise.


The upstairs theater is used for weekly screenings of current and past shows, as well as a live venue for curated content (think John Oliver, stand-up comedy, concerts) that can be streamed across HBO platforms. Revenue comes from ticket sales to the theater screenings and events, which will be sold using an online lottery system. This reduces crowds from forming on large event nights.

Whether dining in the restaurant or watching a premier in the theater, HBO Social brings to life the HBO brand. Dining can be an entertaining experience; the restaurant and bar are opportunities for the culinary arts to come to life through all of the senses, that's why the kitchen and bar station are focal points within the restaurant. If food's not your thing, there is plenty of tech built into booths and mounted in seeable locations for people to watch their favorite HBO offerings, and participate in the recap conversation surrounding HBO content in a physical space.

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Team: Colin McCool, Mark Thompson, Emily Hudson, Jenn Root, Hieu Nguyen